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Why does Vpaint require full payment in advance?

Full payment will allow Vpaint to provide painting service at affordable and best value prices to all our customers. 100% up front payment will enable Vpaint to lock in resources in advance to ensure our painting services will be rendered to you at the selected date.

Why Vpaint charges are so affordable compare to current market rate?

Vpaint does not engage any contractor or middle man to deliver painting service, thus allowing us to create a bargained price deal to customers to paint their homes. Vpaint aspires to make home improvement more affordable for everyone who desires a beautifully painted home for comfort living.

What about paint supplies?

Vpaint offers competitive price equivalent if not cheaper than other hardware shops based on our best price policy for all paint supplies. Customers can select from the range of leading brand paint like ICI, Nippon, Jotun, Sancora and more. Home owner can highlight paint supply request to our Vpaint representative during the home evaluation visit through the colour catalogues

How many layers of wall painting is covered ?

Vpaint offers a maximum of 3 layers of painting works on each wall (usual painting covers one layer of base paint and two layers of the same colour paint). 

How many days are required to complete the painting job?

The estimated completion time is 3 days for single storey house (less than 1800 sf floor space), 5 days for double storey or bigger sized condo unit (1800 – 3000 sf floor space), 4 days for small to medium sized condo unit (less than 1800sf floor space). However, these duration may differ depending on the walls condition, weather and amount of furniture moving required; among others.

What is the maximum height of wall painting ?

There is no maximum height cap for Vpaint to execute the painting service. Vpaint will paint all interior walls regardless of the wall height.

Does Vpaint provide featured wall painting?

Vaint specialized in featured wall painting like the European 2 tone or 3 tone mesh wall as well as textured wall paint application from renown brands like Dulux Ambiance (marble, velvet, metallic, linen), Nippon Momento and Momento Elegance, Sancora Uno, Uno +, Due.

What are the additional service and why is the price so affordable?

Add Ons are additional items and service that are above the normal painting service like Paint Supplies, Wall Repair/Paint Scrapping/Skimming Work, Furniture Moving. please highlight your needs to our Vpaint representative during the evaluation visit. Prices are affordable as our Add Ons are charged based on our best price policy. All Add Ons work are only rendered for Vpaint customers who has engaged us for painting service.

What about walls that require major or minor repair work?

Badly damaged or defective walls like over-damp, major crack, or excessively rough wall will requires owner to purchase Add Ons for repair work to be done prior to the painting works to smoothen our painting job deliverables. Existing wall paint scrapping and wall skimming can be purchased under Add Ons.

What if home owner insist not to do any repair work for damaged walls?

Vpaint reserves the right to abort painting work of the particular wall area that is found to be in extremely poor condition shall owner insist not to have repair work done.

Can I engage Vpaint painting services in other areas of Klang Valley?

Vpaint current resource capacity covers the following areas:


For other areas of Klang Valley that are not stated above, please contact Vpaint hotline for enquiry. There may be recce fees of RM 90 for customers request out of above coverage areas and fees is reimbursable in the final quote given if Vpaint is engaged for the job. However, Vpaint reserve the rights to accept or reject the job depends on the availability of our resources on the selected date. There will also be additional charges and slightly longer completion period for areas out of the locations mentioned above.

Who moves the furnitures or fixtures in my house to make way for painting?

Owner is encouraged to plan for furniture removal and dismantling of any permanent fixtures (ie: paintings, wall lights, wall TV brackets) that are mounted on the wall. Minor moving or dismantling work from our workers can be done but any risk of breakage or tear of items will be under owner's responsibility. If there are major furniture removal required, Add Ons purchase is required for Vpaint to deploy manpower for furniture moving.

Where will Vpaint staff conduct the washing of paint and rollers?

Provision of washing area and water supply for cleaning needs to be provided by owner.

What is the working hour during the painting work?

Working hours for the entire painting job is from 9am - 5pm with estimated one hour lunch break at 12pm and short breaks around 10am and 3pm. Our Vpaint staff break time may change depending on situations.

What are the procedures for Vpaint workers to enter and exit owner's unit who lives in guarded community?

Work passes to enter and exit owner's home (for gated community and condominium) needs to be prearranged by owner. Vpaint will also provide a letter of agreement for owner of condominium/ apartment or gated community to sign off to ensure smooth access for our Vpaint workers during the agreed period where painting work is to be done.

Can I get my refund after I have purchased? What is Vpaint refund policy?

All payment made for our standard package are not refundable. However the painting service rendered can be postpone to another calendar period agreed by home owner and Vpaint representative. Postponement of another calendar period cannot be exceeding more than than 6 months from the date of purchase. The painting service is also transferrable to another unit within the locations covered by Vpaint should home owner who had made payment decide not to have his or her home painted.

Who are Vpaint workers? How do I ensure the security of my home with Vpaint staff?

Vpaint engages workers with minimum 3 to 10 years of painting experience to deliver painting service for our customers. All our workers are registered and are evaluated by Vpaint to be deemed suitable to complete the painting job for home owner. Home owner are to be responsible for all their expensive items and belonging in their home. Responsibility of the home belongings and items lies with the home owner. Vpaint will not take any responsibility for any items that are missing or lost.


What is the privacy policy of Vpaint?

Collected Information

We only collect the information that are needed and necessary for the registration process/procedure at our website or during when filling up the account registration form on the site. The information that we gathered which include customers' personal information are voluntarily submitted by the customers to us.

Personal Identification Details

Your personal identification details are used to process your order of the products, customize your profile information, internal usage with legal requirements, update your status of online shopping in our site and also to update our customers with our latest news of updates/changes, promotions and events.


Your personal information such as credit cards details, bank account numbers are well kept secret and confidential with us. We will never share any of your personal details to any third party. Our sites do apply appropriate security application in order to keep all the customers information safe at all time.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Vpaint have the rights to do any changes/updates Privacy Policy contents without giving prior notice to the customers.  Do keep track on the Privacy Policy page on our website.


The Vpaint website is not a substitute for all other independent professional advice and you should obtain any appropriate professional advice relevant to your particular circumstances. All customers must exercise their own judgment and carefully evaluate any situation that may occur.

We strive to protect all information of the customers on Vpaint by reasonable endeavours to ensure that those information are not compromised. However we cannot guarantee that no Harmful Codes, Unauthorized disclosure/access by Third Party will affect the system. Please kindly be aware of the risks associated with using the online websites.

If the customers experience a problem, damage or loss that is caused by the information you send or via Vpaint, your computer being compromised in some way or by something beyond our control, Vpaint cannot take the responsibility for causing the problem. We will however, do our bests to assist within our capacity.

Where connection or linkage to any system compromises the security of Vpaint and our customers, we reserve the right to sever links to that system.